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Helping people live healthier, happier lives. That is our true north.

Here’s how we think we can help.

The health needs people experience most often are issues like getting quality sleep, managing to a healthy weight, minimizing stress and anxiety, dealing with back and other types of pain, improving digestive health, and more.  Today there are thousands of possible products and services that address these needs and the majority do not require a doctor’s prescription.


So how can a person decide what is best for them?


For these common health and wellness needs almost everyone spends time trying to figure out what to do themselves. We believe that people should be able to make a decision about what to do and which products and services to use with confidence and ease. We also believe that this experience should be connected to the health professionals they use for their overall care. Vale exists to enable that ideal outcome.


Vale helps solve people’s health and wellness needs by giving them reliable guidance, inspiring confident action with proven products and services, and connecting that self-management with their health provider.


The core of Vale Health is a marketplace of health and wellness solutions that is vetted and curated by health care experts. People can easily discover which health and wellness solutions work and see that information from a source whom they trust.


Alongside that marketplace is the guidance people need to choose the right options for them. A trusted digital coach that makes it easier for people to take effective steps towards better health and wellness that feels like an extension of their care team.


Finally, connecting that to their health provider through Vale’s partnerships with the leading health care providers  who include the platform in their suite of services for their patients and members. 


Our belief is that Vale will make a lasting impact on better health and happiness. We are committed to building an indispensable resource for everyday health and wellness. And we are excited to be building a team and a community of partners who will share in that journey.

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