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Health Systems

From online ads and influencers to millions of search results, consumers are more confused than ever about who to trust when it comes to making decisions about their health and wellness.​ We help health systems:

  • Share trusted services and products on their own branded digital marketplace

  • Gain insights about health decisions made in your geography and nationally

  • Expand your relevance and economic tie to consumers in your market

Health and Wellness Services and Products

Today's high quality health and wellness solutions seek a better distribution channel to get in front of consumers. We help companies providing health and wellness products and services:

  • Reach more activated consumers

  • Differentiate through partnering with trusted health organizations

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

Join our team.

Vale is currently hiring ambitious team members.  If you have a passion to change how health is delivered across the country and believe that working in unique partnerships is the best way... look at our openings and apply.

Job Listings

VP Product

San Francisco, CA, USA

Product Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA

Marketing Associate

San Francisco, CA, USA

HR Representative

San Francisco, CA, USA

Account Director

San Francisco, CA, USA

Content Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA

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