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Brian Noyle 

Head of Engineering

Brian Noyle is the Head of Engineering for Vale Health.  Originally trained as a botanist and global change research scientist, Brian has spent his professional career as a technologist working in mission-focused companies.


For over half of his career, Brian was a consulting software engineer and solution architect in the GIS domain, where he was able to apply technology to a great many problems in a variety of vertical markets in rapid succession. He eventually served as the founding engineer at a hardware startup focused on wearable devices for firefighter and first responder safety. Brian transitioned to a product development focus at several B2B and B2C startups, eventually becoming VP of Data and Platform Integrations.


Brian has experience working in highly regulated environments and architecting and deploying systems with security, privacy, and scalability as primary concerns and specializes in challenging systems integration problems.


Brian is a graduate of the University of Dayton and received a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University.

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