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Founding Members

16 leading health systems serving 25 million people coming together to build a trusted resource for health and wellness decisions.

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We are proud to announce the founding health system members for the Vale Health marketplace platform. The following organizations have come together to provide their communities with a convenient, trusted resource to choose the best solutions to meet their health and wellness needs. 


The first xx founding members will include Froedtert, etc etc.


The Vale Health platform will help health systems expand their trusted relationship with members of their communities. The digital marketplace powered by Vale will help people discover solutions to address the wide array of health and wellness needs that they care about today and give them a trusted resource to pick the solutions that meet the quality expectations they have from a leading healthcare organization.


Together the health systems in Vale’s founding group reach more than xx million people who use them for their health care needs each year. And the health systems are recognized by millions more in their local communities as leading providers of healthcare.


Health and wellness topics like sleep, weight management, mental health, allergy relief, back pain management and more all are health needs that people seek solutions for day-in-and-day-out. And there are an constantly expanding array of products, services, programs, apps and other solutions available to people who seek ways to improve their health experience in these areas. 


Currently people have few if any resources available to understand the ever-evolving landscape of options in these important health and wellness areas. And they have few tools to differentiate the most effective solutions from those that are unproven, ineffective or worse. Vale Health represents a way for leading health systems to present the highest quality, most effective solutions in those spaces to their customer populations and make it easy for them to purchase and enroll in those products, programs and services.


Delivering the right experience for consumers requires living up to expectations around quality, data protection and more. We are thrilled to have such a compelling group of founding health systems who will comprise our platform advisory boards, setting guidelines for choosing quality solutions, ensuring careful and compliant treatment of consumer data, guiding our product development priorities and creating the optimal engagement experience for consumers and patients.

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